Handia in nature with crystals by crystals1986-d63xmr4

Handia is a fan character by Crystals1986.


She is Damien's fantroll (the name given to fan created trolls) from the webcomic Homestuck.

Quote from Damien:

"Her story is, she has an illness and has to be in the hospital for a lot of time. The doctors are looking for a cure for her so they had to get speical Alternian crystals that they heard have the power to cure people. But the Crystals have weird powers and they make her hands grow large, and odd looking, and even though the doctors try things to stop this they can't find a treatment to stop the new hand growth. Or the sickness because she is still sick, and she has to keep touching the crystals not to get more sick but it makes her hands grow even more each time"