Doom1312 was a stream viewer that Mike banned for troll-like behavior.

Personality Edit

He would often act mischievous and douchey in order to get attention. He caused people to get annoyed by him due to his annoying attempts at trolling.


He tuned into Mike's streams in early 2012. He would often send links to him through Skype, most of which were NSFW (such as Family Guy porn and MLP sex fanfics). His Skype icon showed that he was a young teenager, which caused him to get ridiculed for his age. At one point he impersonated Crystals1986. In mid 2012, he sent Mike Goatse which got the original Mikennemonic account banned from Twitch. This was the last straw for Mike, so Doom was perma-banned immediately after. Doom has not since returned.