Stream character
Dick Swagger after losing to Jebidiah.

Name Dick Swagger
Origin Wrestling Revolution
Introduced in Wrestling Revolution Streams
Features Jebidiahs Wrestling Rival
Skills Cockiness

Determination Short Temper

Dick Swagger is a character from Wrestling Revolution.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Jebediah has made him his bitch. Before Jebidiah came in he was partners with Machismo and were semi-decent wrestlers. However as soon as Jebidiah came into the wrestling scene all that changed.

Even when Jebidiah left Mexican Wrestling, Dick Swagger was still mocking Jebs via Twitter.

His Ass-Kickings by JebEdit

Jebidiah assaulted and defeated Dick constantly. Even when he had Machismo by his side he still lost. This got so bad that he assaulted Machismo and stopped being partners with him. Even when he was bleeding on the ground and almost dead by Jebidiah Dick still claimed he was superior and demanded rematches in which Jebidiah easily beat him.

Hard TimeEdit


Dick Swagger in Hard Time.